Web Applications

We create state of the art web applications. With our extensive portfolio in web we have got you covered with cutting edge open source technologies and methodologies.

Mobile Applications

Leveraging mobile technology to create solutions that go beyond developing apps. We have the right combination of strategists, engineers and designers to take your venture to success.

Cloud Computing

With extensive hands on experience we cater the needs to multiple software ventures through our extensive portfolio in cloud computing.

About us

We are a software development company which provides world-class teams for your IT needs. We have unique professionals that combine their experiences and expertise in building successful consumer-focused, high engagement applications.

Our teams have built companies generating $100 million in revenues in the consumer space. We provide a comprehensive Enterprise Portfolio Management Solution to fuse People, Process and Technology in order to streamline processes, organize business objectives into development tracks across multiple divisions, setup transparent communication channels to break down functional silos, as well as customize and configure appropriate agile technology solutions to engage stakeholders and maximize transparency, accountability, predictability and results across the whole enterprise.

Our team of experts take time to understand your requirements and then architect the solution to maximise scalability and performance while ensuring to deliver on-time and within your budget. This is achieved by selecting suitable technology stack(s), following best practices while using battle-tested tools and services. We operate internationally through our offices in US, Canada and Pakistan. Some of the project domains we work on involve:

HR Management System

Native iOS & Android Application

Applicant Tracking System

Enterprise Applications

GIS based Systems

Education Systems

Social Media Applications

Digital Health

Big Data / ETL

Banking Systems

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Our Clients

Clients & Partners we have worked with over the years

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the top tier companies and global brands over the years. We are trusted by leading brands and Silicon Valley startups, which include California State Department, Innit, Headspace, ActiveHR, First Republic Bank, HelloBar, Acquia and more.

We have taken ideas from papers and made them a reality for our clients. We have shared their journeys with them in making their dreams a reality. We don’t just lend you a team, we take your project as our very own, make it personal and deliver exactly how you pictured it the very first time!

A Developer’s Dream Company

We love awesome people. People who want to change the world. People who are dedicated. Who aren’t afraid to work hard and speak their mind. People who love start-ups. People who think and dream big. People who are similar to us, crazy enough to change the future.

Engin Technologies is one of the most innovative and rapidly expanding tech start-up from Canada with our international offices in USA and Pakistan. While we’re primarily focused on bringing quality and value to our clients, we’re also committed to creating a world-class environment for our employees. By joining our team, you’ll get the opportunity to work on many of our various projects with a team of highly skilled experts, we push the boundaries on what’s possible every single day, and we’d love for you to help us get even further. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t make compromises—we create beautifully architected apps that are polished, fast, well-tested, and a joy to use.

Engin Technologies is a Developer’s dream company. We encourage every employee to bring innovative ideas to the table. Those who aspire to work on challenging tasks and a supportive environment will find it to be a super exciting place to be! Everyone is responsible for meeting the values of the company.

With experiences of working for Fortune 100 firms, start-ups and globally distributed teams, it’ ll be a great way to get mentored and engage in technical discussions. Please refer to our Jobs Portal for job vacancies and for applying. You may send an email to [email protected] for more information or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for job opportunities.

Jobs Portal (engin.ativeapplicant.com)



With our versatile experience in handling enterprise clients, we have gained extensive expertise in some of the top most technology stacks. Each client is unique and so is their product. Therefore, we help you choose the best technology stack not just for now, but for the future to come.

Web App Solutions

Web applications must be scalable and appealing enough to keep them engaged. You need scalable, highly available solutions and up to date content to enhance the experience of people who use your website.

Mobile Solutions

We accommodate your specific needs to build your ideal mobile application across all mature platforms Android & iOS. We have an extreme passion for interactive design, high performance, and attention to detail..

ERP Solutions

We have extensive experience in ERP solutions. With our experienced engineers, We use some of the top technologies for ERP implementation using Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics and custom ERP solutions.



We recruit well educated, flexible and ambitious people who thrive on change and challenge, are innovative, self-confident and accept responsibility by taking initiative and adapting to a stimulating international working environment. We seek leadership traits, excellent communication skills, strong academic performance and relevant professional experience. Each team member is handpicked from a batch of top universities from around the globe. Each member of our team goes through a 3 tier interview process; which not only tests their technical skills, but how well they communicate and express their selves. This is because, over the years we have learned that good communication is the key to success. We have complete teams including Project Managers, Back End Engineers, Front End Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Network Administrators, Data Engineers and Mobile Engineers. Every team works directly under the supervision of the Tech Leads and along with our Chief Technology Officer. The client has direct access to the assigned project manager and the engineer working on their product as well as direct access to the CTO of the company at all times.

Our employees are also engaged in continuous learning and professional growth in a dynamic corporate environment through attending seminars of relevant technologies and regularly doing training of new and upcoming technologies. Thus making sure we get the perfect team for your requirement.

Ronal Morillas
Founder SupplyMyStyle

“EnginTech has done an excellent job. Its not always easy picking freelancers, from the first day we spoke, They came to me with full confidence that there the men for the job. The team always made sure that I was on the same page with them before they continue with the project. Not only do I consider them part of our team, but friends. Thank you, and I look forward working with you soon with our next project”.

Calvin Tod
Co-Founder/CTO Lanora

“I can't say enough about the great work EnginTech's team did on our project. The team has a great understanding of both front end and back end development. Consistently delivering on development Sprints in line with our expectations and budget. They are also, very timely and willing to do extra work when needed off the books just to ensure that a deployment was successful and stable. We look forward to working with EnginTech again on our next project”.

Earlene Cruz
CEO KitchenConnection LLC

“What a brilliant team to begin with. They brought my idea to life in no time. Love working with them on daily basis. Thank you Tanweer & Team to doing such a great job with Kitchen Connection”.

Miranda Tan
CEO Robin8/MyPRGenie

“A great and flexible team. Always coming out with questions and concerns to make sure the app was built right the first time. Had a daily routine meetings with them which ensured the best product for us in a timely manner. Also they have a great insight about the future and technologies to use. Loved working with them and looking forward for our future work together”.

Sharath Madavaram
Co-Founder/CTO Lanora

“They did a great job on Etyme and I believe we are a team now. We have a good back-end at this point, we need more investment towards marketing and creating better UI. Will continue to work with them as and when budget is available”.